Blood Clots

What is a Blood Clot?

Blood clots form when there is an opportunity for the blood to coagulate.

In normal conditions, this can be to form a scab or heal a wound. In undesirable circumstances blood clots form within blood vessels, and obstruct normal blood flow and organ function.

This strangulation of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs causes damage and injury. When this occurs in major organs it is an even more serious circumstance, even causing death in cases of heart attacks and stroke.

Why are Blood Clots related to the pandemic?

Blood clotting is a significant symptom in relation to the pandemic V. When making a fair investigation, we can see that respiration problems is both a symptom and a side effect. 

Let’s start with understanding why breathing problems relate to blood clotting. 

When there are breathing problems, usually it indicates there are also micro blood clots forming in the lungs. This creates an infection and develops a specific and rare form of pneumonia (fluid in lungs). 

Here is another great video from Doctor John Campbell. He explains in more detail, about how blood clotting is a central side effect and symptom.

Blood Clotting and Spike Proteins

This infection is aggravated and thrives when the presence of the spike protein is located in the body and detected as an intruder, resulting in a mass amount of antibodies produced and released in the bloodstream.

The production of spike proteins on red blood cells (after taking any of the major brand vaccines), causes them to create a stacked appearance.

Instead of the red blood cells being able to flow, they stick together and form long chains of cells that can’t flow properly through normal vessels.

These clots most often start in the lungs, and form an infection, creating a form of pneumonia. 

You can see this same video of Doctor Peter McCullough explaining a significant relationship between spike proteins and blood clotting, on our Spike Proteins help page.

Really it appears that the spike protein is a central issue behind the whole pandemic, along with the extremely serious side effects. 

The two ways it is most important, is that you can catch the virus and have your body attacked by this spike protein, but also if you receive the inoculation, you will be exposed to a synthetic spike protein. 

Both situations appear to have very high risks and many reportedly serious side effects.

What results when blood clots start?

The first result is a lack of oxygen being carried to the rest of the body tissues and organs. This is extremely serious, and is called hypoxemia (low blood oxygen level).

As you can imagine, this in turn chokes the oxygen supply everywhere, including the brain and other vital organs. 

What are Morticians and Embalmers Finding?

Please watch this video.

Warning: graphic images may be disturbing to some viewers.

What can you do about it?

We recommend that you check what experts like Doctor Andreas Kalcker are explaining, about detoxing and methods to remove the blood clots and these intrusive growing tissues.

We have help pages section about Experts, where there is a page dedicated to Doctor Andreas Kalcker (and others) to help with your personal health research.

We suggest you join our discussion forum to engage with others who are also looking for answers. Offer your input, and join the community, as we believe the answers and solutions are out there.

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