AstraZeneca Side Effects

Who is AstraZeneca?

The AstraZeneca vaccine product is one of the most widely used world-wide. In peak times during 2021, there were over 120 countries who had approved this gene therapy product. Not long after, almost 20 countries retracted approvals.

The company AstraZeneca was founded in only 1999. Being a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical company worth billions, they became a forefront brand in the recent pandemic event.

Many people are reporting side effects from the AstraZeneca vaccine product. This should be no surprise given many countries in the EU and Canada removed approvals not long after initial deployment.

The mainstream accepted reason, even back in early 2021 was because it caused blood clots.

There should be no surprise now, that we are seeing a continued rise in reported side effects, that being the voices of people who have had the AstraZeneca gene therapy shot.

How can it take so many people getting hurt to stop the roll-out of these experiments?

Now is a time when things are beginning to turn over. In the EU today, instead of the AstraZeneca vaccine simply being disapproved, it is now under heavy scrutiny and probable investigations.

These side effects are important to note, they are very serious. There are a few main components in combination that make these treatments so hazardous. A major aspect is the spike protein, which is produced after taking the shot.

These spike proteins cause the blood cells to stack and stick together, causeing clotting and blockages in areas where serious harm can result. Typically it begins in the lungs, where respiration is inhibited first.

If the spike proteins continue to be overproduced, the blood cannot travel through the brain and heart properly. This can cause haemorrhaging, and should be taken very seriously.

We know at this point that everyone has taken there positions, and has to make their choices accordingly. Even celebrities and rock-stars are becoming a part of this turning tide. 

Here we can learn about Eric Clapton, and how he took the shot and later had side effects. It was only really covered on alternative media at the time. See it here covered by World Alternative Media.

How can I manage AstraZeneca Vaccination Side Effects?

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