Johnson & Johnson Side Effects

Who is Johnson & Johnson?

Another major provider of the recent vaccine treatments, is from the company Johnson & Johnson. There is likely a backstory for the confusing names, but their vaccine is commonly called Janssen.

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational corporation founded all the way back in 1886. Their specialties have been the development of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods.

Here is a mainstream article from 2021, when the hype and role-out for these experimental doses was full power. If you want the full read, you can see the same details listed below on a live article from May of last year:

What are the side effects of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

Johnson & Johnson boasted in 2021 that you only needed one dose to match the efficacy of other two-dose brands. Simultaneously they also noted a 0.0008% chance of developing Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Let’s take a moment and do the math when this was a mass deployed product.

That means in one million people, there would be 800 people with peripheral nervous system damage. Doesn’t that sound like a high number? Because it is…

Even the way numbers have been openly reported are dangerous when we look at it being used on so many people. It’s not about the individual playing against the odds, is that a mass population cannot escape the odds.

If it was reported right away that this one shot could damage 800 people for every million, do you think it would have been accepted as safe? What if one of those people is your family member?

So who is speaking out about it?

We have a number of Expert pages setup for you to go into any details. Here we’re going to guide you to a very recent example of Doctor McCullough, and his open statements about complications around vaccine reporting, and more…

If anyone asks you about why you don’t want the booster, tell them you don’t trust Jeffery Ep.stiens friends! That’s right, the Gate’s are blocking the door to the truth once again…

How can I manage Johnson & Johnson Vaccination Side Effects?

Because blood clotting is one of the most commonly reported complications resulting from these experimental shots, it’s important that each person monitor’s their health with utmost attention.

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Sharing your story, especially what you believe has helped you keep your health in check, or even how you were able to reverse or beat it all together. What measure have you taken since?

We believe that protecting the statements and testimonies of those who feel they have been affected by these vaccination treatments is a priority to contribute to real change. 

What impact are the side effects having on people?

It’s a terrible event unfolding, and more and more people are feeling the aftermath. Here is a powerful story, about a loved one lost. These stories might help someone change their mind about a booster. 

We can’t look at the situation, that it is too late, instead that there are detox measures and solutions that people are working on every day.

Doctors world-wide are cracking the wall, learning how exactly people can remove the graphene oxide, and even dissolve blood clots.

One of the most impressive leading experts we have a help page about is Doctor Andreas Kalker. We highly recommend our readers take the time to catch up about him, and other experts who are giving people real health advice.

If you haven’t already, join the discussion forum, and cast your action here, by sharing your answers, posting a question, or just telling the truth about your personal experiences over the past three years of hardship.