Spike Proteins

What is a Spike Protein?

Spike proteins are one of three proposed components, that make up a pandemic virus. These ‘spikes’ are protrusions, on the edge of the virus’s single celled membrane, equidistant covering the entire surface. The virus is proposed also to be 80-120 nanometres in diameter.

The outlined purpose of these spike proteins are [theoretically] the way the virus connects and penetrates to new host cells, making it highly transmissible. 

Spike Proteins and the VX

What makes Spike Proteins such an important topic of controversy?

Well, it’s very simple. Because the previously mandatory inoculations modify our genes to produce these same spike proteins internally, it triggers our immune system. 

Completely different from other vaccines, these are designed to change your immune system’s responses. 

If our bodies are producing these spike proteins, and placing them on our cells, then our immune system is triggered to wipe out these spike proteins. It’s no wonder there are so many complications, after this experimental technology was really a synthetic infection.

Here is a recent MediCram video that summarizes a number of recent studies, to help confirm clearly that there is a very serious issue arising world-wide, around these side effects. There are also credible articles listed if you see their video description on Youtube.

Damage Caused by Spike Proteins

The essential concern is that these spike proteins can cause damage to the blood brain barrier in the long term.

The blood-brain barrier is the bodies way of filtering certain chemicals and particles from being able to enter the brain and central nervous system. 

Think of the Blood-Brain Barrier like a selective filter or boundary that protects your brain from harmful invasive substances.

Specifically, the spike proteins produce an excessive amount of antibodies, some of which can damage endothelial cells. Endothelial cells are like walls that line vessels in sensitive areas like the brain or lymphatic glands. The serious consequences of too many spike proteins, is damage to these barrier cells. 

Here is a reputable source that goes in depth: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34100279/

Resulting, is your body’s immune system has been heavily compromised. It’s like your body is fighting itself (by placing spike proteins on your cells), and less aware of intruders (by producing antibodies to fight those spike proteins).

The question is then, when does the body stop producing these spike proteins? That is why people are reporting so many side effects, is after time, it is showing to not be working the way we were told. 

Countless people are reporting issues and side effects, especially since April 2021 when these inoculations were first rolled out.

Spike Proteins and Blood Clots

Because of these overproduced proteins lining the cells, our red blood cells and platelets begin to behave differently. This difference is an obstruction of flow, and ability to carry oxygen and nutrients.

When under a microscope, the blood of a person who has undergone this gene therapy treatment will appear stacked and stuck together.

Where as the blood of someone who has not had this inoculation, will show the blood cells moving independently of one another (no stacking structures forming).

So when the symptoms are respiratory, typically this is because there are micro clots forming in the lungs of that person, disrupting breathing and in turn oxygen absorption. 

Remember, the spike proteins are the proposed cause of symptoms in the pandemic, but also the leading cause of side effects, as all major brands use the same technology.

Here is a short summary of why Spike Proteins are dangerous; Doctor Peter McCullough gives a brief explanation of the vaccine and why spike proteins cause blood clotting, and other severe side effects.

How can I manage Spike Proteins?

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