Andreas Kalcker

Who is Doctor Andreas Kalcker?

Dr. Andreas Kalcker is one of the most important physicians in the battle against the pandemic, but furthermore in how to manage the consequential side effects of any of big pharma’s mandatory shots.

Here is a physician who has been standing strong behind their message, and continues to gain support from those he has helped. 

When first researching this man, it nearly appears on the mainstream platforms that he doesn’t exist, or is not popular. The contrary is true. 

He has been working at this long before the pandemic began, and it does appear that his videos might not show in the results for other reasons.

In this even paced interview from Catherine Edwards, you can get to know Dr. Kalcker’s background and work, and how his career path has tied into a very real solution to the viral phenomenon we’ve all been put through…

Dr. Andreas Kalckers Acheivements:

Among other achievements and involvements, Doctor Andreas Kalcker is best known for showing people how they can use a Chlorine Dioxide Solution to improve their health. In fact, this is a very specific program that he has made for people who are detoxifying their bodies from the mandatory injections.

Even after 3000 doctors have confirmed his findings in clinical trials, his work continues to come under very heavy-handed scrutiny. His most controversial literature is a book he wrote named “Forbidden Health” where he outlines many substantial cures to common disease.

It’s fair to say that Dr. Andreas Kalcker stands as a pioneer, and to many a hero, because of the life saving nature of his medical focus.

His own personal website displays his awards, and discusses his story in finer details:

Often the first knee-jerk reaction a normal person might have, is to ask the question “is it safe?” The truth is, there are no side effects to his CDS dosage program. If you follow the instructions, there is absolutely no chance of causing harm.

Here is a short video on Rumble that gives nice and easy to follow instructions. This is Dr. Kalcker himself in the video explaining how you can create proper and safe dosages of a CDS solution at home.

The Controversy around Andreas Kalcker

The uses of his solution goes beyond the current virus, and even the uses against side effects. His work goes straight into the most controversial subjects, as you can imagine in the medical field what that means…

Have you already used his system, did it work for you? We’ve created a board on the discussion forum completely dedicated to Doctor Andreas Kalcker.

Please join the discussion and share your experiences, thoughts, feelings, suspicions, and post any questions you have… by sharing our personal research with each other, just like other health communities, we can help compound the answers, and get there faster.

Your voice also matters to help win this censorship battle. It’s backwards to think people who are being hurt by experimental products are not allowed to speak out. Here you are encouraged to speak out, and tell your story exactly the way it is – we support you!