Doctor Robert Malone

Who is Dr. Malone?

It doesn’t take long to come across the name Doctor Robert Malone when you are doing research about vaccination side effects. He has become a prominent voice, world-wide, helping to open doors to honest discussion about what harm is being done.

Dr. Malone’s popularity exploded as he spoke out against the efficacy of these experimental gene therapy treatments. This was largely in part because he appeared on the popular Joe Rogan podcast, where eventually that interview was taken down out of controversy.

You’ll see that most sources confirm that Malone was a successful inventor and biochemist, who played a significant role in contributing to the earlier versions of mRNA technology. Most of his relatable work is from the 80s and 90s.

Despite having a real stake in the game, his speaking out brought his career to near ruin, as an avalanche of scrutiny because his biggest foe.

Now, Doctor Robert Malone has a very strong following and supporters world-wide, as he continues to speak out.

Here is an interview before he was on Joe Rogan, where his suspicions were accurate in predicting the unfolding events that were just around the corner (at the time).

For more information about Doctor Robert W. Malone, here is his own website where there is much more in-depth story and explanation,

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For example, Dr. Malone’s voice is continuing to be pushed back and attempted to be censored. However, the stronger the attempts to silence him, the more the truth is coming out.

After all, he is an inventor of the vaccines, putting his career and life’s work on the line…

Recently he has been banned from Twitter for a post about the Pfizer vaccination, where his speaking out has created a backlash. These squabbles are sad when so many people are getting hurt.

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