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Spike proteins, graphene oxide, blood clots, myocarditis, and more…


Why is Myocarditis Significant? Myocarditis is when the heart becomes swollen with inflammation. In turn, this affects the hearts ability to pump blood efficiently. Overall, this causes many other health issues, because the blood carries both oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. Myocarditis is the most commonly reported side effect from taking […]

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Spike Proteins

What is a Spike Protein? Spike proteins are one of three proposed components, that make up a pandemic virus. These ‘spikes’ are protrusions, on the edge of the virus’s single celled membrane, equidistant covering the entire surface. The virus is proposed also to be 80-120 nanometres in diameter. The outlined purpose of these spike proteins

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Blood Clots

What is a Blood Clot? Blood clots form when there is an opportunity for the blood to coagulate. In normal conditions, this can be to form a scab or heal a wound. In undesirable circumstances blood clots form within blood vessels, and obstruct normal blood flow and organ function. This strangulation of oxygen and nutrients

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Graphene Oxide

What is Graphene Oxide? Anyone can sit down and start doing research using their phone or laptop. Take a moment and do the same for Graphene Oxide. Do you notice something? Almost everything you can find relates to technological applications, nanotechnology, and cybernetics. Many of us today are researching the side effects of Graphene Oxide

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