Why is Myocarditis Significant?

Myocarditis is when the heart becomes swollen with inflammation. In turn, this affects the hearts ability to pump blood efficiently. Overall, this causes many other health issues, because the blood carries both oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body.

Myocarditis is the most commonly reported side effect from taking the recently mandated vaccinations. This side effect is extremely serious, as it involves the heart and blood flow.

The most common signs and symptoms of Myocarditis to look for:

Chest pain

Shortness of Breath

Fatigue, and low energy

Irregular Heartbeat




Swollen feet and ankles

Many symptoms of myocarditis are similar to that of a heart attack. If you are experiencing unexplained chest pains or shortness of breath, consult medical help immediately.

Myocarditis in Children

The same symptoms can be indicators of myocarditis (swollen heart muscle) in Children and infants. If your dependent has concerning symptoms, please consult medical help immediately.

What is the risk of Myocarditis?

The central risk is that blood flow is constrained, and as a result blood clots can form. These accumulated obstructions can cause very serious injury or death. The obstructed blood flow and clots can cause heart attack, or stroke. 

What causes Myocarditis?

The most common cause recorded for many years is a viral infection. That means that the most frequent cause of myocarditis for a long time has been a viral infection. In fact, the pandemic showcased SARS-2 is listed as a cause of myocarditis as well.

Since April 2021 when the inoculations were first being administered, the statistics of people researching for help with myocarditis skyrocketed. It was a clear indicator that these mandated medical experiments are correlated to these life-threatening symptoms.

Generally, the cause of myocaritis (swollen heart muscle) is viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasites. All of which have in common, an invasion of the the bodies balance and immune system functions. 

Who is a Myocarditis Expert?

If you are at the beginning of your research, or still skeptical, please begin here with a succinct but in-depth look at the relationship between taking the mandated inoculation, and the confirmed 100x increased likelyhood to have myocarditis.

Here is an academic article that Doctor John Campbell references in his discussion video. This is a heavy read, but if you are inclined to find very firm data sources around the relationship to Myocarditis, then this is a great place to find it:

How can I manage Myocarditis?

Firstly, any irregular heartbeat, chest pains, and shortness of breath, you need to consider when it is an emergency and seek help. This help page is here to guide you to reliable sources to help with your personal research to find the answer in a community who wants the same.

Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi is another leading expert worth anyone’s time to get up to speed about symptoms and side effects. His elabourate knowledge and background, along with a humble spirit make him a great resource to stay on track about these serious side effects.

Here is an excellent and up to date interview with Dr. Bhakdi about Myocarditis, blood clots, and other side effects in relationship to the mandated inoculations:

Here is a full interview link –

The main reason why we have created these help pages about mycarditis, is to help you find a community of people who are looking for answers about the same problem. We are all in this together now, and want to extend that you join our forum, and please tell your story.

When people take the time to share with one another, what works and what hasn’t worked, these are testimonies that can even save lives. Please join and ask questions, or help others find answers. 

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