Moderna Side Effects

Who is Moderna?

If the statistics are accurate, the numbers keep climbing higher and higher when it comes to participation in these new experimental gene therapy shots.

Here is a mainstream website called Bloomberg, where they claim over 12 billion doses have been given to people. That means multiple doses for over half the population.

When the facts about side effects are piling up, these numbers are extremely concerning for now, and even more into our shared future.

What about the Moderna Brand Side Effects?

Just like any other brand, side effects are reported also for the Moderna brand experimental treatments. Here is a little background info about the company Moderna to get acquainted.

Beginning in stem cell research in 2005, Moderna has went through a short and shifting history, now headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With a few name changes along the way, Moderna is a leading American corporation in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

This vaccine treatment product has been administered in 27 countries, including the USA. This is not as popular as Pfizer which is used in 95 countries, and Astrazeneca, which is more common world wide.

On each of our help pages we want to list what the CDC is putting forward. Here is a page from their website showing a list of collected data, about side effects and adverse reactions specifically from the Moderna brand cob.

The fact that so many doses have been administered, and still there are openly reported percentiles that show high rates of side effects, including serious reactions; this is a massive medical issue.

Worldwide people need to be alerted to these side effects if they have taken this experimental gene therarpy treatment from Moderna. Most concerning of all is the side effects on children.

Listen to this talk by Dr. Malone to get your footing on this world-wide issue.

You’re not alone.

How can I manage Moderna Vaccination Side Effects?

Here is an opportunity to introduce you to Doctor Robert Malone, who is an inventor of the technology used to implement these shots. Having his own negative reactions to the Moderna injection, he offers his advice to people of the world to wake up to these possible side effects. 

Having nearly lost his life, after recovery he has made a world-wide impact on the efficacy of these experiments, advocating for awareness and halting of mandates, especially for children.

Robert Malone MD explains his Moderna Injury and how to check if you had a Toxic Batch

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Your story matter, share it with other in the community to be a part of the solution. This is not going away for years, act now to safe your health, or the health of a loved one!