Doctor Carrie Madej

Who is Dr. Madej?

On your pathway to answers, you’ll discover Doctor Carrie Madej. However, you’ll have to be looking in non-mainstream news sources. That means alternative websites, interviews, platforms, and groups would be the only likely way to find her work.

Right from the beginning of all this, she has been speaking out with a strong and true voice. She is a doctor, and early on examined different vials of the vaccinations.

What she found was completely alarming. 

It was not easy to find, but here is an example of her work and discoveries spreading on mainstream media (finally!). It’s someone who reposted her interview on the Stew Peters show. Take a closer look.

Here is a great example of censorship in action.

When you look for her work, you generally find criticism and even some ridicule. This included video below shows how she is treated like a quack instead of a hero.

This fellow is quite soft, let’s be honest, but it is still a mockery of her honest effort to help people. It’s hard to tell where a term like “de-vaxing” comes from, but it might be something we hear said a lot in the coming months and years.

Alright, now that we’ve covered some of the basics about Dr. Madej’s work, we can get into the real message.

What she found in the vials is disturbing. Inside the product samples were small and hard carbon like flakes, as well as what appeared to be microbiological (living!) organisms.

To be more exact, she found the presence of a hydra-like being, living inside the vaccine vile.

It goes without asking, but what if that little tentacle thing was shot into someone’s arm?

Well, let’s fast forward 1 year and find out. 

This is very difficult for a lot of people to stomach at first, but it appears that there is a form of tissue growing inside of people, unknown previous to post-vaccine deaths.

The source of this comes from morticians, and autopsy procedures, where long tube-like clots are found blocking many major artery ways. What is obscure about it, is the large collected masses that have grown in such a short time.

Please take a look and see for yourself. This is not meant to be alarming or fear provoking. Neither are we suggesting you or your loved ones have this newly found condition.

The following video is very graphic, but well put together by the Stew Peters show. It’s one of the several professionals he has on his show. This time, with Doctor Jane Ruby, explaining in detail what these clots might indiciate.