Graphene Oxide

What is Graphene Oxide?

Anyone can sit down and start doing research using their phone or laptop. Take a moment and do the same for Graphene Oxide.

Do you notice something? Almost everything you can find relates to technological applications, nanotechnology, and cybernetics.

Many of us today are researching the side effects of Graphene Oxide in the body, after having one or more of the proposed pandemic cures.

We were promised a solution, and for so many people it is just bigger and more serious problems.

Let’s take another look and see where we can find more information to reliably relate the presence of Graphene Oxide and the recent inoculations. 

There is an awful lot of knee jerk reactions when trying to discuss these topics, so careful research is each person’s best strategy.

Why is it hard to find information about GO?

Well, in these days, the best answer is that the logarithms are delivering to people what they want, what they are looking for, and hence what they are ready for.

Over time, as more facts and science support the dangers of these experiments, it will also become easier to find verification of the facts… 

But in the meantime, it does mean digging beneath the surface articles, and using critical thinking becomes paramount in finding the facts.

At the beginning we need to share with each other, and use our own sense of scrutiny, and continue collecting data. We encourage all readers here to join our Discussion Forum to put forward your own research (or to post a question).

Here is an article that can easily verify that Graphene Oxide is used as an ingredient in vaccination experimental products that are aimed at changing immune functions. Sound familiar?

Here is another article from Octorber 2020 suggesting that Graphene Oxide is the fascinating super ingredient that can create so many opportunities, after being inside someone’s body on a cellular level.

This next article uses terms like Bioconjunction and intracellular protein vaccine delivery, suggesting that GO opens the door to many ways in which biotechnology can be thrust forward into the so called ‘future’ of medicine.

Overall these scientific articles have a few things in common. They all discuss GO as a water-soluble, self assembling nanotechnological vehicle for specialized cellular targeting.

Now that we understand what it is and what it can do, lets now look further to confirm the presence of GO…

Confirming GO in V-Shots

To get warmed up, here is a scientific publication that studied 4 major vaccine brands, and was able to successfully detect the presence of GO. To get the full scientific article, simply follow the link and download the PDF

To really hit the bull’s eye on this one, is a PDF compiled by Craig Paaredekooper.

In all likelihood, this compilation of research may have created whatever avalanche of censoring may be taking place. A lot of articles out there in the mainstream say exactly the opposite of these studies. Difficult times.

Just like mentioned earlier, the algorithms will change as people stop looking away, and begin doing their own health research. It’s just a matter of time.

If you haven’t already heard of Stew Peters, now is a good time.

He has been an avid and reliable reporter and journalist, hosting his own popular show to focus on these heavily censored topics. This is a great place to jump in both feet if you’re ready:

How can I remove Graphene Oxide from my Body

Do not let fear get in your way, stay strong and steady towards your health goals, and you will see change. There are many amazing professionals working hard every day to reach you with ways you can correct your body chemistry.

Watch this video for several key ways to detox including Chlorine Dioxide (see our help page).

Please join our Discussion Forum and voice your concerns, questions, answers, and more. By building a community of people who can openly share their research and experience, we can build an open database of real help to push us forward through this real societal crisis.