Pfizer Side Effects

Who is Pfizer: and What are the Side Effects?

If the numbers are true, more than 12 million doses have been administered already. They say that almost 5 billion people world-wide are now considered fully vaccinated. But for how long?

By the way, let’s not miss the detail that their chart says 0.9% of population is fully vaccinated, right beside saying nearly 5 billion are… how does that even make sense? 

95 countries are promoting and allowing the use of the Pfizer vaccine product, even on children and infants.

Here we are going to discuss a few details and share some articles to help your research about the vaccine brand called Pfizer.

Pfizer is an American based multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation, founded in 1849 and currently headquartered in New York City. 

Here is the openly shared side effects reports from the CDC, where they are aiming to provide accountability to their product users.

Taking a look over this page, I struggled to find the size of the control groups. That makes it difficult to gauge how many people got hurt…

Near the end you can see generalized figures around 1% reporting serious side effects.

Is that not enough to stop?

One in a hundred is enough that there will be thousands upon thousands hurt, if more testing and haulting the mandates does not happen quickly.

Even more concerning is the data showing that younger control groups were showing higher numbers of side effects. Matters like this should shock us to the soul. 

Here we can take a look at the Mayoclinic page. Typically websites like this are held in the highest of academic esteem. We rely on medical professionals to bring the public the truth about new experimental products.

Yet, this article page also does not outline or direct any attention to the most common side effects.

See for yourself:

How can I manage Pfizer Vaccination Side Effects?

Start your research with the most reputable researcher and scientist named Doctor Robert Malone (see our help page for more info about him specifically). 

The following video page on rumble has an excellent video getting you acquainted with his work, and his fortified testimony about the real side effects.

Please join our discussion forum if you have had any of the recent Pfizer products that have been administered and mandated beyond consent.

Your story counts, you can help others, please share and ask questions to move forward on your own personal health research.